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March 27, 2018  Retirement Industry Trust Association RITA, Self Directed IRA Case Litigation Update. Washington, D.C.. Contact RITA for details.

April 7, 2018, Note Investor Summit, Using an IRA/LLC or Solo 401(k) to Invest in Notes. Irvine, CA. Contact Note Investor Summit for details and registration.



I host The Self Directed IRA Summit annually.

  • Fully recorded and professionally edited. Video Package Available.
  • The Summit is a full-day of comprehensive SDIRA training,
  • Go beyond the basics.
  • Learn what our most successful clients are doing.

Get immediate video access to the most recent….

To register or to learn more, checkout the Summit’s website here.
To book me for a speaking engagement, please contact me at


The Refresh Your Wealth
Radio Show

Mark and Mat have been serving clients nationwide for over 10 years from their law and accounting firms, and are dedicated to helping people better live the American Dream. Both are best-selling authors, nationally syndicated speakers, and have been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur, MSNBC, & the Wall Street Journal just to name a few. With their years of experience and knowledge, small business owners and entrepreneurs are sure to receive solid advice to help save money in the tax and legal area with the this show!

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